Special Occasion Hair for Your Wedding Day

From the second her man gets down on one knee, a billion things can rush though a future brides brain – the size of the diamond on her finger will typically take priority right now… but the way she’ll wear her hair on the big day is probably going to cross her mind in the months to come.

With the 2013 wedding season getting to in full swing, a bride’s barnet could easily make or break her party mood.

Never fear, we’re going to guide you through some of the most popular, most modern, and some of the simplest styles you could be rocking on your big day.

The chic and sophisticated chignon has been pretty popular since almost the beginning of time. The swept back style can be traced back to the Ancient Greeks no less, and was also worn by men.
Not sure about letting hubby walk the aisle with his hair pinned down to the nape of his neck, but a lot can be said for metro-sexuality nowadays.
Either way, whichever member of the bridal party chooses a chignon will definitely be the classiest broad at the ball.

There’s a lot to be said for plaits and braids at the moment. Not only are they great fun, but fishtail and herringbone styles represent the catwalks of recent seasons.

They make a great statement for any fashion-forward lady on her wedding day and provide interest whether they’re the basis of a style or merely incorporated in to the overall look.

Try decorating your plaits with the flowers that feature in your bouquet and just wait for gasps of delight from the guests.



Talking of decorating, hair accessories are all the rage right now. Alice bands have been knocking around on bride’s heads for a few years now, but how about hair bands made of the lace or silk that has been used on your dress too? Or ask your stylist to intertwine parts of your lace in to your style. Talk about complementing your outfit!

If your wedding has taken on a bit of a vintage theme, the most sensible thing to do would be to carry it through to your dress and ‘do too.
Vintage waves and twists are a gorgeous way to incorporate this popular style through to your hair. And soften the often more structured dresses that were around in times gone by.

Everybody expects a bride to be working an up-do so wouldn’t it be nice to surprise granny with a bit of boho chic? Soft, beachy waves or a distressed beehive can really make a statement and gives your overall look a more relaxed vibe.

After all, everybody should just chill out and enjoy the day… man.

For more tips and tricks, style advice and all manner of clips, grips and fashion-forward accessories, try Hershesons – those guys really know their braids from their sartorial blowdries…


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Five Tips for Dressing for a First Date

First dates are certain to generate some nervousness; however, dressing to impress is a surefire way to project confidence that will get you noticed. While it is not necessary to go overboard, some careful wardrobe planning will ensure that your date will appreciate the effort you make to look your best. Here, are five tips to help you get dressed for your next first date.

Five Tips For Dressing For a First Date

Focus on Fit

Although that new shirt may look great on the rack, it will do little toward impressing your date if it does not flatter your figure. Therefore, try on every new outfit to make sure that it is not too tight or baggy. Be sure to evaluate the fit by checking in a mirror that shows the front, back and sides of the outfit. Then, have the garment tailored according to your needs. Often, simply hemming to the correct length is all it takes to create the perfect fit.


Choose the Right Colors

After finding the right fit for your clothes, you will also want to create a color palette that complements your hair, eye and skin color. This can best be achieved by determining if your skin tone is warm or cool. Red, orange and other fiery hues work well with warm skin tones while pale or cool skin tones should stick with purple, blue or green.


Use Patterns Strategically

Almost everyone has a part of their body that could benefit from some camouflage. Begin by searching for your clothes at a place such as www.reemclothing.com/Mens-Clothing/Native-Youth-Designer-Clothing.html where there are many different clothing options from which to choose. Then, look for patterns that will flatter your figure. For example, horizontal stripes will make a man’s chest look broader, while side stripes can slim a fuller waist.


Take Care of the Details

Dressing for a date should also include paying attention to the little details that show you care about your appearance. Make sure that shirt collars are ironed down and that no buttons are missing on your favorite shirt. Showing up wrinkle free and well-groomed will make it clear that this first date was important enough to take some time getting dressed.


Consider the Occasion

There is no greater first date faux pas than showing up under or overdressed. Therefore, be sure to dress for the occasion. If you will be meeting on the beach, then a pair of swim shorts may be fine; however, a fancy restaurant requires a dress shirt and slacks.


When you take the time to dress appropriately for a first date, that special someone will be sure to notice. By choosing the right colors, patterns and fit, you can draw attention to your best attributes while boosting the self-confidence you need to stand out.

Turn His Head Tonight!

Worried you’ll lose your relationship’s spark because of the kids? These small things can help you stay connected physically and emotionally to your spouse day in and day out:

Go to Bed Together


Image via Flickr by Lynda Sanchez

If he is an early bird and you are a night owl, it can be easy to get on different sleeping schedules. But falling asleep together is an intimate time when you can cuddle, talk a little about your day, and just relax in each other’s company. Don’t miss out on it just because you want to watch an extra TV episode. See if you can come up with a compromise of when you can go to bed at the same time. There’s plenty of scientific support that this physical and emotional connection is important for a relationship.

The Little Things

When you are busy taking care of a little human being, it can be easy to forget what makes your significant other tick. Take some time every day to make him feel special, whether that means writing a quick encouraging email, putting on makeup for when he comes home, or showing off some new panties when you get ready in the morning. Ask your hubby what makes him feel loved, too. It gives him a chance to let you know how you can be affectionate without him feeling like he’s being demanding or needy.

Improvise Dates

Crazy living doesn’t mean that you can’t still sneak in intimate moments and quality time. A quick caress in the kitchen can set the mood for later in the night, and then you can pull out new panties or new lingerie once the kids are asleep. You can even liven things up with role playing—get a sexy vampire costume for a fun evening, or hide a push-up bra under an easily unbuttoned schoolgirl top.

You can make dates a more common thing with a bottle of wine after bed-time as well. But don’t think a date has to mean the kids stay at home. Go ahead and go to a restaurant with the kids—you might be surprised at how much good conversation you can fit in between the bread sticks and dessert.

Be Honest About Hurt Feelings

So maybe your hubby didn’t get you the big bouquet you thought he would on your birthday. He didn’t know that flowers meant that much to you. Basically, he wasn’t trying to hurt your feelings at all, but he did. You might feel silly, but tell him about it. You don’t have to tell him in a “How dare you” sort of way. Instead, let him know as a “here’s a tip to make me feel special and happy” sort of way.

As this article says, that doesn’t mean making a big deal out of a little thing. It just means giving everything the energy it deserves. After all, “pretending that something doesn’t matter doesn’t make it not matter.”

What keeps your relationship alive?





5 Tips For Shopping For Clothes For The Man In Your Life

A recent study has shown that the average man buys only about 30% of his own clothing, leaving the majority to be purchased for him by a significant other. While this may suggest that men don’t care about what they wear, nothing could (generally) be further from the truth. If you find yourself in the position of shopping for the man in your life, keep these five tips in mind to keep the experience easy, fun, and productive.

5 Tips To Shopping For Clothes For That Man In Your Life

Know his style before you begin

There’s nothing more infuriating than going out of your way to do something nice for your guy only to have him fail to appreciate it. To avoid having the clothes that you pick out for him hang unworn in the closet, don’t stray too far from what he currently enjoys wearing. Make a note of what styles he likes, and what colors. While it’s true that you might conceivably get him a new favorite piece by taking a 180 degree departure from his everyday style, odds are much better that he’ll simply shun it. Men are creatures of habit, and don’t like change.

Make sure you have his correct size

This means getting out the tape measure, as well as making notes of the sizes of what he currently has. While you may think you have a good idea of how he’s built, clothing sizes vary greatly, and nobody likes a surprise when they get a new piece home.

Consult him

Let him know that you’re going to get him some things, and ask what he needs and wants. You might even want to browse a website together, such as www.reemclothing.com/Mens-Clothing/MQT-Jeans-Designer-Clothing.html. He’ll be much more likely to enjoy what you get him if he feels that he had some input in the process.

Make sure to get something for yourself, as well

To make sure you enjoy the experience, reward yourself with a little something on your shopping trip. Pick out something that coordinates with his new wardrobe additions, and plan for a future night on the town!

Ever thought about shopping together?

Finally, why not use clothes shopping as a bonding experience? Make a day of it, and spend some quality time together. Make sure to spend some time shopping for more “fun” items, like sporting goods, electronics, or comic books, and you might be surprised at how interesting he finds clothes shopping with you.

What to Consider When Buying Engagement Rings

Engagement rings symbolize love, commitment, love and affection, and other positive aspects of marital bliss. However, shopping for the right engagement is never a blissful and cheerful process, because buying this type of ring will cost the bride and groom (or the groom only) a whole lot of money. Here are a number of crucial factors to carefully consider when shopping for engagement rings today.


Know what Your Bride-to-Be Wants


The first step in getting the right engagement ring, would be to ask your wife-to-be what type of stone she likes, and what ring style she truly prefers. However, if she doesn’t have an idea of which ring style or stone she likes, why don’t you try proposing without a ring first,? or it would be better if the two of you shop around and compare choices.


Evaluate Your Budget


The next step would be to evaluate how much you can afford. Go to the nearest jewelry store (preferably a reputable one) and consult from the experts. You could also get useful advice from   friends and family, and ask about their experiences with regard to jewelry stores, and engagement rings deals.


But if you want to find truly affordable deals, you can go online, because many online jewelry dealers offer good-quality rings for a fraction of the price (however beware of fly-by-night online jewelry shops). If you are considering buying a diamond engagement ring, be ready to cough out two to three thousand dollars for a half-carat diamond.


Remember The 4 C’s


When buying diamond engagement rings, make sure you understand, and remember the 4 C’s. These are carat, clarity, color and cut. The term “carat” refers to the stone’s weight, while clarity deals with the number of flaws, or “inclusions”. And as for color, diamonds are generally colorless, though they will sport varying grades of yellow and white.


Other Helpful Ideas to Consider


When shopping around for stylish but affordable engagement rings, remember that you can actually purchase the setting, stone and band on an individual basis. If you are unsure where to buy these items,  buy a less-expensive variant. Thus, if your bride-to-be doesn’t like it, then you can go back to the jewelry store, and have it traded for a more costly ring.


Finally, talk to your fiancee, and find out what her true feelings are about the rings. Remember that the most crucial aspect in buying engagement rings is not the “two-month salary rule”, nor the size of the stone only. Buying an engagement ring also requires the cooperation, and “union” of two souls.


Reasons Behind The Popularity Of Online Gift Shops

Gifts are a way of expressing love for one another. If it is someone’s birthday, anniversary or any other special occasion in that someone’s life then gifts are given to that person. Selecting gifts for our loved ones is really a very confusing task. We have to make sure that we buy gifts keeping in mind the likes and dislikes of the person we are presenting the gift to. We also have to ensure that the gift makes the person feel special.


The earlier days of going physically to a gift shop are over. Nowadays there are online gift shops and e-commerce websites which have become extremely popular among the people. Most of the people find it convenient to buy gifts from these online shops. The question that comes to our mind is that what makes an internet gift store so popular and special?

Here are certain reasons which have led to the ever-growing popularity of the online shops selling gifts.

Increased safety: People were earlier a little reluctant to buy stuffs from online stores because they thought that they might get conned and might not get products which are worth the money they spent. The rise of internet banking and trustworthy online gift shops have made the people happy with the concept of online shopping.

High internet portability: Wherever you go internet follows you. You have an internet connection not only on your home PCs but also on your smart phones or tabs. You can access the internet and the online stores from any place and whenever you want to.

Competitive Prices: These online gift shops sell gifts at prices which are affordable and competitive. The competition between these online stores is high. They try and bring down the cost of their products incase they find their competitors are offering lower prices. So the advantage of this is taken by the customers.

Unique and diverse range of gifts: When you visit these online gift shops you will notice wide range of gifts like bags, mugs, candles, photo frames, dressing gowns, showpieces etc. which are rare and uniquely designed to meet the needs of the diverse population.

Save Money When You Shop Online at PacSun

Pacsun is a clothes retailer in the US which specialises in the sale of modern fashionable California trends. Focusing its attention on the youth market, Pacsun is reaching out to an audience that can’t necessarily always afford to buy items without help. The clothing they offer though is aimed at all ages and genders, where their California clothing ranges from Swimwear to Denim. Nevertheless keeping up with these trends is expensive, and so the company has introduced methods to help people reduce the amount they have to pay within the site. One method is using online coupon codes, which are released by Pacsun to attract business, though at the same time can be effectively used by the customer for great savings. This article will outline how this is possible, the type of coupons you are likely to find and where they should be found.

Coupons usually come in the form of either percentage reductions on general items or specific products. For coupons which can be redeemed generally, these are usefully applicable to all and any purchases you wish to make, making it easy to make savings on products you require. You might however be lucky enough to find online coupon codes for specific products you wish to purchase, in which case the percentage off is usually higher because it is restrictive. These coupons are the most sought after due to the high potential for high savings, where general coupons are more likely to be used due to their nature on reductions for all products.
HelloCoin.com is the number one source for online coupons, containing thousands for many different vendors online. In order to usefully browse within the site, typing Pacsun into the search box will show all the different coupon codes available for savings at this site. From here it is simply a case of selecting the code or codes you wish to use, revealing the string of digits and letters as suggested and making note of the code. After you have processed your order at the checkout, the relevant code should be entered where demanded in the promotional code box, where this should automatically apply your offer for sensational savings. Remember to double check your offer has been applied, otherwise you could easily miss out and have wasted your time. pacsun coupon codes are in abundance at HelloCoin.com, so be sure to capitalise on them in order to make fantastic savings.

If you need some help employment lawyer san francisco will come in help at any time.

Choosing Clothes for Plus Size Ladies

For those of us who are deemed plus-size and have a larger figure, it can sometimes be hard to find fashionable, flattering clothing. Fortunately, a lot of high street stores are becoming conscious that they are missing out on a large part of the market and so are catering for larger ladies with most of the modern, on-trend styles coming in plus sizes.

Plus size is deemed as women who are over a size 16 in most cases. Of course, women differ in shape as much as they do in size and what suits one woman, may not suit another. Essentially, fit is as important as any other part of the factors – different women have different curves in different areas.


One of the big mistakes women in the plus size area make is that they often choose large items that completely drown them and also make them look larger than they are. Choose clothes that contour and fit to the places that they should, will flatter and make you look amazing. Little details and embellishments and trims that show off the best parts of your body are great here and can really allow you to show yourself in the best possible light.


If you dress for your size and not your particular shape then you are in big trouble. Women come in a number of shapes regardless of size and you should always choose this foremost. Fabric, tones and prints are very important and if an item is designed badly it reflects on you and how you look. Tailored clothing has to be right; otherwise it can look quite square and doesn’t look as appealing as it should.

Well Made

Well-made clothing will always stand out and will weather the test of time a lot better than low cost equivalents. Picking well-made garments that fit, will mean you are flattered by the clothing you wear.

Of course, choosing items that will move the eye to where you want it to be helps too. For instance, women with larger waists should choose tailoring and low necks – this flatters. However, if you have broad hips, then go for detailed tops to take the eye off this area. After all, you have to work with what you’ve got.


Shops are more than ready for questions and most have sales assistants with plenty of knowhow in the fashion area. If you want to know something or ask for some advice, then just ask.

Follow these tips and you can be assured you will look better by choosing better items.

Ladies handbags are an imperative element

Ladies handbags are an imperative element of a company. The handbag should be capable to praise the appearing she is going for, as well as to present its own fashion. It should not outperform the company itself, and the company should not outshine the bag. This perception looks confused or strange at the start, but it is straightforward to do.

The absolute quantity of ladies’ handbags that are accessible now a day is vast. There are complete trademarks dedicated to them, and even those trademarks that are not devoted to handbags still have a big selection to decide from. This single-handedly should be a sign of how significant they are to an company.

Clutch bags are as fashionable as always for proper incidents or for women who like their belongings a little and close. Ladies handbag nowadays is accessible in various style, design as well as color to suit each function. Leather hobo bags have constantly been well-liked for any ceremonial functions or for ladies who love their possessions and don’t desire to par. These handbags can be simply creating anywhere, but their dimension might differ. Various shapes of handbags are accessible ranging from low cost to lofty cost, depending on the objects and trademark.

Tote bags are increasing in reputation in the middle of young and young-at-heart women comparable because their big dimension allows them to take just about no matter which she desire. Totes are more lighthearted than clutch techniques and more than various other fashion of handbag. Although graceful leather selection is obtainable, it is far more frequent to come across fashion that are brilliantly painted and playfully festooned. Your usual tote tends to be on the minor end of the price range, though fashionable trademarks are as costly as would be predictable.

Regular handbags, or purses, come in all styles, dimensions, and designs. These are the most familiar fashion of ladies’ bag for the reason that they are so adaptable. Some bags only have a few pockets and section. The drawing of several styles is plain, while with others it is more complicated. These can be some of the low-price kinds of handbag, but they can also be some of the more costly. Preferring among numerous purses is complicated because there are a lot of options accessible, several of them likely to be the wonderful selection.

It would be an understatement to speak that there are a lot of ladies’ handbags accessible in stores today. There is available more fashion that can be calculated, particularly while they are continually shifting with what is in fashion these days. A handbag is an imperative part of a woman’s image and clothes.

Go for Online Purchase through Discount Coupons

It is a craze in teenagers and people of all ages to sit at home and observe the shopping sites online. This is due to the craze and everyday introduction of new fashion and styles in the fashion industry. These days huge selection of beautiful clothes is in demand.  Clothes for every shape, age and taste are designed. These kinds of clothes normally are not found in general markets and clothes shop. A proper place is declared for these kinds of fashion clothes like online shopping and other fashion websites. As style is more important, designer clothes and comfortable clothes are in high demand.  It is often seen that fashion is cyclic in nature and keeps repeating the designs now and then. Through Myntra coupons and Hoopos coupons, you can buy your choice clothes and it’s for every fashion conscious.

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